Blue Man Group starts out MAX

Posted on October 24, 2006 | Comments Off

Blue man group start the keynote session out. It was a great little show. Kevin talked about MAX being the largest MAX to date. He also mention they will show how the Adobe and Macromedia software is coming together. Over 300 ppl from Adobe are at MAX. He showed the PDF kiosks by demonstrating a joke session schedule of Ben Forta. The joke session showed Ben taking a ColdFusion for dummies class and getting a manicure.

Adobe’s COO, Shantanu Narayen, came on next and talk about the marriage of Adobe and Macromedia. They showed a video of ppls reaction of the marriage. The video was fun and showed an overwhelming good reaction. He also mentioned the number one Macromedia employee reaction of the marriage was that Adobe had free drinks and candy…

He then talked about a new product called Digital editions, which completely built on flex. He bought a humorous story about Ben Forta recently racking up 3,000,000 frequent flyer miles. Then when Ben took a two week vacation he received a letter from Northwest airlines seeing if he was ok, because of time off and wasn’t flying.

Other tidbits..

Flash lite on over 100 million devices is on top of Adobe’s office building. Go and try and solve it.

Engagement is big, engaging the users, cliets, and suppliers.

Flash player will reach 80 percent in 6-9 months.

Showed a particle fire ball Flash animation 20x faster in AS3 over AS2.

Flash video adoption is 800x more then Flash video 7.

Greg Rewis showed HTML workflow. And Mike Downey and Steve are showing dynamic media workflow. More coming later….

They just announced a Audio product for non-audio people… it will be on labs this week.

Sho is now showing Flex workflow, he is starting off by taking an illustrator file and using it to sking the look and feel of a Flex app. He set up the app layout in Flex Builder in 30 secs. He went back into Illustrator and outputed the file as a SWF. Now back in Flex he uses the generated SWF from Illustrator as the themes for Flex CSS definition. This is Sweet!!!