Adobe Creative SDK Update v0.5.2062

Posted on October 24, 2014 | Comments Off

In the latest update to the Creative SDK released this week there are a few changes to look at. First the SDK now requires Xcode 6. There is also updates to various iOS 8 issues that are fixed now.

The AdobeUXAssetBrowser class has a new method for launching the asset browser component. It has the method:

- (void)popupFileBrowserWithParent:(id)parent  

For no filters on mime types (png, jpeg, psd, ai, etc…) or data sources (Creative Cloud files, Brushes, etc…) just pass in nil and nothing will be filtered. To filter the AdobeUXAssetBrowser you would create an instance of the AdobeUXAssetBrowserConfiguration class and add the appropriate filters to the properties on that class.

Here is a quick look at the AdobeAssetDataSource options for an idea of how it works:

Here is some sample code for configuring the AdobeUXAssetBrowser.

AdobeUXAssetBrowserConfiguration *conf = [[AdobeUXAssetBrowserConfiguration alloc ] init];
    conf.dataSourceFilter = [[AdobeAssetDataSourceFilter alloc ] initWithDataSources:@[AdobeAssetDataSourceFiles] filterType:AdobeAssetDataSourceFilterInclusive];

The code above sets the browser to only show files from the Creative Cloud files not other sources like Adobe Brush CC or Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Go grab the latest version of the Adobe Creative SDK at