Flex Profiler Sneak Peak

Posted on October 26, 2006 | Comments Off

In the “End-to-End Dubugging Flex” session we got the chance to preview a Flex profiler (it’s not definite that we will ever see it but is known that developers want it).

With the Flex 2.1 update they fix it so you can breakpoint Flex Framework source file. You can actually do this now with no visual cue by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-B. It will show in the breakpoint list in the debugger prespective. Another good tidbit is use the filters variables view to make viewing variables easier.

I learned that you can debug binding with the BindingManager.debugBinding().

Tom Reilly is the Flex engineer that has worked on the Flex Profiler and did the demo. The profiler is written in Flex and has a few charts showing different exeuction times and memory usage. He showed sampling of CPU execution with roll over stack traces. It also has a call graph tree allowing you to drill down methods called paths. This will be slick if they can get it out us.