FP9 on Linux – Application Screenshots

Posted on October 18, 2006 | Comments Off

Ok, if you haven’t seen the last 7 or so posts on MXNA (Flex category) about Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux go read Emmy Huang’s post.

I decided to give it a try. So I installed Ubuntu on my VMWare workstation and installed the Linux FP9 player. The install was pretty straight forward, I just followed the steps in the readme.txt.

The cool thing is that all the applications I tested worked. For example here is a screen shot of the Flex 2 / Red 5 basic chat example I wrote just a week ago.

Ubuntu Flash Player 9 Linux

I also ran through some video applications I created and they work fine with no artifacts showing. I’ll have to try out the webcam stuff later if I can get a driver on Ubuntu to work, not sure if VMware will pass thru the USB device. Well either way this is good news and fun to play with. The text rendering is a little off and I hope they will work that out.

Here is another screenshot, this one is a screenshot of a flv playing off my site:

Ubuntu Flash Player 9 Linux