MAX Sneak Peaks

Posted on October 26, 2006 | Comments Off

Here at MAX’s thursday keynote we get the peak into possible furture features/products.

First was a Yahoo IM plugin connecting to Adobe Connect. Part of the demo was PDF files integrated into Connect also with SyncSDK contorls of viewing the PDF’s.

Next, Tim Bruntel with the ColdFusion team demonstrated the new Scorpio features through an elebrate story with Scorpio Man (Ben Forta) helping save the day. In short they demo’d performance monitoring and image manipulation features.

Next, Hart Shafer showed off Soundbooth the new Audio tool for dummies… well its more of a simple powerful audio mixing and editing tool. A little like Acid/SoundForge. This on labs TODAY!

Next, Danielle Beaumont with Fireworks showing some new features, rapid prototyping a website and dropping it into Flex. Think Flex desing view in Fireworks, symbols on steriods. This is cool! There is “9 scaling”, making very is to change component skins right in fireworks. She also demo’d a “click through mockup”, which is just a use of hot spots. The Flex integration was simple as export in Fireworks and you get a Flex file.

Next, Jason Williams and Andrei Dragomi showing off FDS and Ajax Bridge. Think Ajax FDS client, they created a library the brings a flash client on to the page (invisible) as the middle man between Ajax and FDS. I hope I got that right. Andrei focused on mixing Ajax, html and Flex on one page all using FDS. It was demo’d with a Ajax and Flex charting real time stock example with price, live chart, news list, and summary compare pod.

Next, Elizabeth A. Irizarry and Flash and AS3. She talked about debugging workflow in Flash 8 and the improved Blaze workflow. A true debug panel, clickable and all. Compiling the movie from inside an open abritrary AS file, no more switching to that fla! Break points and real debugging, with debug mode and all.

Next, Scott Fegette with Dreamweaver showed features cross browser solution finder called “CSS Adivisor”. This will acess data on the community. Its all integrated in roll overs and links to solutions on the Adobe CSS Adivisor Cookbook site. They took the Flex Cookbook idea and ported it for CSS adivisor site. Does that mean like dreamweaver is integrated with links to CSS Adivisor will Flex Builder see coupling with Flex Cookbook…

Next, a partner Roundarch, Geoffrey Cubitt and SAP and Flex integration. They have a whole solution using Flex.One cool idea I got from this is real time multi form fill out…where two people see the forms get filled out together in real time.

Next, Metalic, Beau Amber and new Blaze componets, which seems Adobe has outsourced to Metalic. He showed some crazy acessibility stuff… He showed skinning componets in Blaze, and how to drill down right from the instance down to a specific state and scale 9 nine detail level view. Performance was a big deal on this components, like adding 5000 items to the a list at a time up to a 1,000,000 all with 50 percent CPU. He cleared the 1,000,000 iteams and we watched the memory come back down.

Next, Michael Kaplan and Acrobat 3D. SWF movie in the PDF interacting with a 3D model. Flash layered on top of 3D models all in PDF and playing Flash video… moving the 3D model around moves the video around. CRAZY STUFF!!!

Next, xif, Ben Nunez and Apollo. Groupware application online and offline using Apollo.

This post was done while watching the sneak peaks so bare with me on any mistakes.