Flex 2 Panel Object Creation in 2:13

Posted on November 15, 2006 | Comments Off

So what is this post all about. Well its about how to view the whole execution stack line by line when creating a Panel object. I have been learning about the Debugger in Flex Builder 2 and had a strange thought while stepping through a bug I was trying to fix. That thought was caused by the fact that the act of stepping into code in Flex Builder 2 takes you through all the Flex Frameworks classes as well (well at least the ones in the source).

What this means is you can see what and when things are created and called when you try and create a new Panel class. Think of the other things you can learn about, how event’s bubble, how a components are created, how a popup works, etc…

Just having the idea was not enough, I went ahead and screen captured the whole debug step into process for creating a Panel class. The file is 2 minutes and 13 seconds long and is viewable here.

The video shows the Debug view and the MXML/AS editor view. As you step into each line of code you will see the Debug view change the execution stack change according to what class you are in. You will also see a new MXML/AS editor tab open with the current class in it. It will take you through each line of code that is executed.