Labs gets CS3, check out JSEclipse too

Posted on December 15, 2006 | Comments Off

The big news of the day is the Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta release on There was also two other updates on labs that are still quite important for Adobe’s engagement platform. Spry is up to prerelease 1.4 and a new addition of JSEclipse.

JSEclipse is a new plugin for the Eclipse environment that helps developers code JavaScript faster and with no errors. With JSEclipse, you can complete a variety of tasks, from editing small sections of code to working with the next big AJAX library or developing plug-ins for a product that embeds JavaScript snippets.

Download and install JSEclipse and improve your JavaScript coding experience with:

* Contextual code completion & shortcuts.
* Project outline and quick navigation through function declarations.
* Syntax highlighting.
* Error reporting.
* Customizable code templates to get you started.
* Support for popular JavaScript libraries (Dojo, Prototype, YUI, Qooxdoo).
* Support for JavaDoc documentation and multi-line comments.