360Flex Keynote

Posted on March 5, 2007 | Comments Off

Well my co-workers and I made it Ebay for the 360Flex conference. The 360Flex conference has been dubbed the first conference to focus just on Flex. It was a early morning for an early flight in so I am a little tired, but its good to be here.

The keynote is starting off with Mark Anders giving a nice overview of Flex. He touches on Flex and Flash’s relationship and then moves on to the power of Flex and MXML.

Mark demo’d a MXML component that allows for inline SVG code. He continued by showing the power of Binding and real time SVG manipulation for a out of the box MXML component.

The keynote is still going on but I’ll leave this post here.

I’ll write more about 360Flex during the week. For the lucky ones at the 360Flex conference you can come meet me during my Presentation, “Flex with PHP”, on Tuesday at 4pm. I will be taking Tom Ortega’s 360Flex Contact Manager and show how to put a database backend on it using PHP.

I’ll demonstrate the PHP backend using HTTPService, WebService, and RemoteObject.