Flex Bootcamps and Sys-Con

Posted on May 15, 2007 | Comments Off

I came across the sys-con link about a series of Flex Bootcamps today. I hadn’t noticed it before. I found it off a sys-con marketing email about SOA World. It looks like the Flex Bootcamp are a series of one day intense training. The first is in New York, NY on June 24, 2007. There are 4 others listed below:
July 23, 2007 – Washington D.C.
August 27, 2007 – Austin, TX
September 23, 2007 – Santa Clara, CA
October 15, 2007 – Minneapolis, MN

The speakers are from Farata Systems, featuring Yakov Fain and Dr. Victor Rasputnis.

Is makes Flex a hot conference topic this year, which can only help Flex’s exposure and us as Flex developers.