MAX 2007 Session Source Files

Posted on October 6, 2007 | Comments Off

You’ll find the PDF’s of the session on Flex and PHP on the MAX website. I think its available to people who attended MAX and later it will be available to everyone. The didn’t seem to put up the actual source code that went along with the session. The session was gear for someone with no Flex experience, but the people attending MAX and the session had plenty of Flex experience.

Between trying to change up the session for the higher skill level, the machines having issues, and the internet not working on the time what I presented at MAX differs slightly from the material here. You can find a excerpt from the PDF handout here to get your going on the PHP side of the session. You’ll find on the last page of the PDF instructions of how to setup Apache PHP and mySQL on a Windows XP box as well as how to setup the Flex Builder 3, PHPEclipse plugin and the Zend Framework.

Either way you can find plenty of information on Flex and PHP examples on my blog. Here are two links to some source files:
MAX 2007 Flex and PHP source material
360Flex Flex and PHP examples