RIALoggerApp and RIALogger.swc updates

Posted on July 26, 2008 | Comments Off

I have finally been able to get some time to overhaul the RIALogger and supporting logging classes. This version does not work with older versions as I change the plumbing (how the data goes across LocalConnection) drastically for performance reasons. You’ll need the new RIALogger.swc that now uses a RIALogger class instead of Logger class.

Main changes:
- multiple windows, the main window has bars that show the log identifier and how many log messages.
- popup windows show the log messages as well as features for the new TestPoint approach
- By default the RIALoggerApp is not listening for log messages, you have to turn on the connection. You can toggle it on and off now.
- Two color themes (dark,blue) for the application, maybe more in the future.
- Self updating, it checks for updates and prompts the users if they want to update.

If you want to find out more about the TestPoint approach, register for 360Flex San Jose and come to my talk.