Thoughts I missed in my Session

Posted on May 19, 2009 | Comments Off

If you didn’t catch all the good testing discussion’s we have had on the first day of 360Flex you’ll want to lookup whats going on with FlexUnit4 and Structured Log Testings.

Since yesterday and after my session there where some things that I didn’t touch on as much as I wanted to. First, Structured Log Testings was released in the wild yesterday. Structured Log Testings is meant to be a community project and any one wanting to get involved please let me know. Since the structured log format is really just JSON’d data with specific properties that need to be define this approach is not tied to a specific language. This also means its not just tied to client side but could be on the server side. For example think of gathering structured logs from your client as well as the server and then having a tool to view the data points in connection with each other. Then the next time someone has a bug they can send your the logs from the client, you find the logs on the server and see what went wrong.

A big part of this technology is the non-tech part, or the approach and mind set part. This is a new way of thinking about testing on a whole. Its meant to be very flexible in all phases of the project (development, deployment, maintenance). I hope to keep information and articles going on this progress and examples over on Structured Log Testings.

On the FlexUnit4 side if you are interested to see that project move forward with integration into next Builder release go vote.