Flash Platform in Startups and the Cloud

Posted on August 26, 2010 | Comments Off

One interesting data point that goes unnoticed is the fact that a lot of startup use the Flash Platform. Check out this latest startup called Bizk.it (prounced Biz-Kit). They made 33rd on a 100 startup list here. Its a great example of a cloud base service using Flex/AIR for the front in. Take note on their hiring page, they are hiring Flex Developers.

Another startup called UJam has some big backers, Hans Zimmer is a co-founder. Check out Hans Zimmer talking about UJam on youtube. They almost won the TechCrunch Disrupt contest.

Also one close to the Flash community that if you haven’t heard about you been in a hole somewhere is litl. They have devices, first a web book, that are channeled based connect to be part of the home experience. They Flash UI, data sync with Google AppEngine, and then custom hardware. If you are a developer check out there developer site here. Also they have been hiring quite a few people from the flash community so another place to look for work.

Then there was in the pass week the Wall Street Journal article about Flash Developer being in demand.

The landscape is changing, but take a look and you’ll see great projects and people committed to using the Flash Platform for very cool stuff. A great place to see and feel the excitement of the Flash Platform is MAX. Come join us in LA in Oct 24-27 for MAX 2010.