AIR Applications on Intel AppUp

Posted on September 14, 2010 | Comments Off

There was a news release today about plans to enable developers to distribute and monetize Adobe® AIR® applications and games via Intel® AppUp? center storefronts. Intel® AppUp? is the first storefront in the Adobe application distribution service, codenamed Melrose. Developers and publishers can sell and distribute AIR applications to potentially millions of users while monitoring sales and downloads.

So what is Intel AppUp? Take a look at there AppUp center here. The Intel’s AppUp marketplace is in high gear in the netbook space. But if you don’t have a netbook you can still download their app store application on to a Windows 7/XP box.

I heard from some developers that they had questions about the end user’s purchase experience. I went ahead and tried it out on my windows 7 desktop machine. First I went to the site and downloaded the Intel AppUp marketplace application. Once installed it I searched for “Party Booth”, an AIR application mentioned in the news release by John Wu. I clicked on the buy button to purchase the application for $10. It prompted me to fill in my Intel AppUp billing information, just one form. Then I confirmed the purchase and started downloaded the application. Once downloaded I clicked install, which was a normal exe install (Intel AppUp requires AIR applications to be wrap in native exe format, but its an AIR application). Then I ran the application, it displayed the Melrose licensing piece for a second then went into the application. Melrose handles licensing of the application in connection with Intel’s AppUp marketplace. It actually prompted me to update AIR, another confirmation its an AIR application.

Here is a screenshot of the Party Booth application in Intel’s AppUp application:

There are few AIR applications in Intel AppUp marketplace as of today, here are a few of them:

  • Anaglyph Lab
  • Bulkr
  • FindPharaoh
  • FotoBooth
  • Hammie The Painter
  • NoteSync
  • Party Booth
  • Paste2Publish
  • Robin Hoold – A Twisted Fairytale
  • Sam’s Interactive Reader Volume 1
  • Set List Master
  • Sherlock Holmes Difference
  • Snowboard (this one is free to try)