Flex Hero -size-report added to mxmlc

Posted on September 1, 2010 | Comments Off

This is actually a very cool feature that is being added in Flex Hero. You can check the specification wiki page for SWF Size Report here. Previously all we had was the link-report which gave us a bunch of information about classes and inheritance and a rough idea of compressed size of classes. It was helpful to see which classes relative to each other where taking up space in a specific SWF file. But where the SWF Size Report comes in to play is it provides a nice breakdown of the SWF’s uncompressed size for actually bytes in the SWF.

The SWF Size Report breakdown gives you a detailed view of which classes, assets, fonts, binaryData, etc… make up the bytes of the SWF. I started creating an AIR application that would help visualize this data (see image below). This has been done in the past by other community people for the link report data. I don’t know if/when I’ll finish up the AIR application, but hopefully the community will pick this idea up and run with it as it really useful in optimizing SWF sizes.