Browse Files on PlayBook

Posted on December 1, 2010 | Comments Off

My fellow Adobe Evangelist Daune wrote a nice application using Flash Builder Burrito and Flex Hero that browsers a devices file system and lets you see the details of the files. I wanted to see what this application looked like on the PlayBook.

There are two ways I could get the application on to the PlayBook simulator. First by grabbing the source Daune made available as MobileFileBrowser.fxp. After importing it into Flash Builder Burrito I had to make one small changes to the application descriptor file. I had to change the <versionNumber>0.0.0</versionNumber> to <versionNumber>1.0.0</versionNumber>. The next steps I had to make sure I had installed the latest BlackBerry Tablet OS plugin for Flash Builder Burrito (available 2010-12-01). Then I added the BlackBerry Tablet OS as a targeted platform for packaging to the project by following my tips from this post. Then it was easy as launching the application targeted towards BlackBerry Tablet OS. Now for some pictures:

Launch Configuration Settings:

Flash Builder Mobile project launch configuration targeting BlackBerry Tablet OS

The application on the simulator:

MobileFileBrowser on PlayBook Simulator

The 2nd method is to use my old post of repackaging .apk files to .bar files found here.

Now you can go browsing the full file system of the PlayBook :)