Finding the AIR for Android Emulator Runtime

Posted on December 17, 2010 | Comments Off

If you want to use the latest AIR 2.5 Runtime on the Android emulator you will need to look for it in two locations.

Location #1 is Flex 4.5+ SDK (example below is Burrito but its relative to 4.5 SDK install):
Adobe Flash Builder Burrito/sdks/4.5.0/runtimes/air/android/emulator/Runtime.apk

Location #2 is in Flash Professional CS5 with the AIR extenstion:
Adobe Flash CS5/AIK2.5/runtimes/air/android/emulator/Runtime.apk

To get the runtime on the emulator first you will need to create a Android 2.2 emulator instance. Get it up and running. Then use the following commands to install the Runtime.apk from above:

(MacOS X): ./adb -e install -r Runtime.apk
(Windows) adb -e install -r Runtime.apk