Digital Fun in the Digital Home: TV, Tablets, & Smartphones

Posted on March 29, 2011 | Comments Off

Update: slides from WebDU are posted on SlideShare

I will be talking about a topic I am very interested in over the next couple of months at various conferences. I will be kicking off this presentation at WebDU in Australia on April 14th. The topic is the title of my post: Digital Fun in the Digital Home.

I will be going over the current landscape of Adobe runtimes across TVs, Tablets, & Smartphones. I will be exploring a lot of concepts for building application in the digital home setting. I’ll be showing off demos and then going into detail of the code.

Catch me at these up coming conferences:
WebDU April 13th-15th
FITC Toronto May 2nd-4th

If you are working on applications in this space or a development shop/agency with clients looking to do this I would love to chat with you. Hit me up on the blog comments or email at renaun (at) adobe (dot) com.