Adobe Game Jam Kicks Off in San Francisco

Posted on September 26, 2012 | Comments Off

Personally I had a great experience last year attending a hackathon as a developer, as well as helping out at a few other hackathon type of events. It’s a great environment to test your skills, meet great people, and have a bunch of fun. It’s usually pretty intense but well worth it.

Adobe is doing a Flash/AIR specific game jam in San Francisco on October 19th-20th. You can check out the details here –

These type of events are not just for developers. Game designers, artists, and other people are needed to make good games in such a short time.

This event is free to register and has some great pries. I will be there and look forward to checking out the cool games people will build. Here are some other Adobe people that will also be there Lee Brimelow, Tom Krcha Erickson, Thibault Imbert the entire time.