2006.10.28 Flex and FMS Video ConferenceSource (Flex 2 / Flash Player 9)

Create a Video Conference application with Flex and Flash Media Server.

2006.07.12 Car Example (Object Composition Lesson)Source (Flex 2 / Flash Player 9)

I read a post called “Getting a bunch of components that work together to know about each other” on “The Joy of Flex” blog by David Coletta and figured I would share how it settled in my brain. First off cohesion and coupling of classes through inheritance or composition are very fluid things. Many modeling of the real world can be described differently through objects depending on your prespective and usage. Composition, David calls it “containment”, is a very basic part of Object Oriented development. I will use a Car for my example and try to example David’s thoughts as I understood them. Now my take on this might be off but thats the joy of software engineering.

2006.07.12 Advanced Form Example
- Source
(Flex 2 / Flash Player 9)

The Advanced Form component provides Reset, Undo and Redo functionality.

Undo and Redo are accessed by pressing “ctrl-Z” and “ctrl-Y” repsectively.

The current component supports TextInput, TextArea, NumericStepper, RadioButton, CheckBox, and ComboBox. They must
be children of the Form or Form.FormItem components. More…

2006.07.11 Flex 2 RollOverButton Examples
- Source
(Flex 2 / Flash Player 9)

This example shows how to implement a basic RollOver Button using Image and the Button controls. More…

2006.07.04 Flex 2 MXNA RSS Reader Example
- Source
(Flex 2 / Flash Player 9)

This example RSS Reader is specific to reading the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA).
MXNA can be found here http://weblogs.macromedia.com/mxna/.

This example shows how to load external XML data (ie: RSS feed or Atom feed) and parse through the data.
It display the data using a repeatar class and uses navigateToUrl to provide links back to the
blog posts themselves. (Post #1) (Post #2)

2006.06.21 MenuBar Toggled Attribute Example
(Flex 2 / Flash Player 9)

Example to show how to default check marks and radio dots for menuitems. It has to do with the “toggled” attribute of the <menuitem/>. More…

2006.05.17 Flex Barcode Reader
(Flex 2 / Flash Player 9) (updated 2006.06.27)

The Flex Barcode Reader Component is a Flex2 component that can read barcodes through the use of a web cam and the flash player. The current implementation reads UPC/EAN (ie: CDs, Books, *DVDs) barcodes. The lookup for product information is geared for the US only and comes from Amazon. More…

2006.05.13 Custom RemoteObjectAMF0
- Source(Flex 2 / Flash Player 9) (updated 2006.06.27)

(AMFPHP 1.2 and Cairngorm 2 Login example)

RemoteObjectAMF0 tries to bring back Flex1.5 component functionality, because AS3 and Flex2 have introduced a new AMF3 format. Please use at your own risk. I have been able to work out all main features I was stuck on a couple of months ago. Things should work just fine, let me know if you have any bugs or issues.

Read more in readme.txt file included with the sample code.
This example is code that was created in connection general AMFPHP and Flex2 questions. a specific flexcoder post.

2006.03.27 Complex Object Binding
- Source
(Flex 2 Beta 2)

This example is code that was created in connection to a post on flexcoders list. Here is the Post

*Each example that has a Source link provides the source code in a viewable format and a downloadable zip file (see bottom left side). This is a Flex Builder 2 features under Project -> Publish Application Source…