Flash will turn the big One Zero (Happy 10th Birthday)

Posted on July 27, 2006 | 4 comments

Flash will officially be 10 years young on Wednesday, August 9, 2006. It just happens that it will be around my own birthday. Now I am a little older than 10 years but time sure does fly by.

Well I decided to provide a link to one of my first Flash creations. It was an old site for my BMX Dirt Jumping brother. You can find it here!

It has sound, dragable menu system (a picture of my bro doing an Indian Flare) and even some stick figures swinging in a tree. The videos are not linked in any more but most other part of the Flash file work. Its crazy to celebrate Flash’s 10th birthday with so much on the horizon and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 have in store.

Be sure to check with your local user groups to see what celebrations are planned.

Oh yeah, here is a link to some people that are trying to gather up old Flash examples.
2006年8月9日是Flash的10岁生日。那也靠近我自己的生日。我大于10岁一点点, 但是时间过的很快。


它有声音, 拖项目表能力 (弟弟表演一个Indian Flare的图片)还有一些在树上玩的撇横人。以前的录影现在不连接起来, 但是其他的Flash应用还在。庆祝Flashçš„10岁生日真奇怪, 现在的天边多么的无限–等不了下个10年会带来什么。


哦, 这儿有一个老Flash例子的连接给一些请教人。

  • http://staging.softworksdevelopment.com/blog/ Richard

    Here’s an old Flash project I dug up. It was my first attempt at a game in Flash.


  • http://www.renaun.com Renaun Erickson

    The Las Vegas User Group will be celebrating the Flash 10 year birthday at our next meeting.

  • http://www.digiguru.co.za Digiguru

    Are you certain that it’s the 9th cause I have read other posts that say flash’s birthday is on other dates. Is there any reference online that confirms when flash birthday really is?

  • http://www.digiguru.co.za Digiguru

    Oh and just incase … Happy Birthday (for the 9th)