PHP RIA SDK by Adobe – Object Mapping Examples

Posted on October 10, 2006 | 2 comments

If you use PHP and want to see some examples of how to use it with Adobe technology, specifically Flex, you need to check out the PHP RIA SDK by Adobe.

I have in the past created two simple examples of how to use AMFPHP and Flex to return typed object data with PHP. These examples have been contributed to the PHP RIA SDK by Adobe source repository. You can find the two examples on the google code PHP RIA SDK repository here.

  • dehats

    This is pretty cool, but most of the time I do not return typed objects in my services. Instead, I return a recordset from a MySQL query to flash. The point would be map the objects listed in this recordset into flash object. How could that be possible? The only way I see is to parse the recordSet and ‘manually’ cast them to flash Object. Or did I miss something?

  • Renaun Erickson

    Yeah, loop over the recordset and create an array of VO’s. There are pros and cons for both methods. On con of a SQL is also its pro, that is you don’t have to define anything if the table columns change its passed along without changing any server side code. You would still have to change the UI code as the column names change.