Cairngorm Store Example using ColdFusion RemoteObject as backend

Posted on November 1, 2006 | 6 comments

I have created another port of the Adobe Flex Cairngorm Store example using ColdFusion RemoteObject on the backend. This example actually is created to show how to switch between different backends. The ColdFusion WebService implementation is not working at this time and I am trying to track down the Cairngorm 2.1 changes that has affect it or if the problem is else where. The 2 backends that are working are ColdFusion RemoteObject and AMFPHP with RemoteObjectAMF0.

Get the source here!

You can read more on the AMFPHP implementation in my previous post.

  • Mark

    Just subscribing so I can check it out later :-)

  • Ernani

    Hello, I’ve tried to run this from my env, imported everything correctly but it is still complaining about some missing interfaces. Not sure what is missing or if the files were corrupted somehow. Would you mail me a zip file with the SWC components and the amfphp scripts? I want so bad to try this out…thanks for the help and article.

  • Renaun Erickson

    Whats the missing interface class name?

  • Joravar Rai

    Thanks for that – it was really helpful.

  • Sam

    Hi there,

    was just wondering if you could help me?

    I have a fairly large application built on Cairngorm which I am currently taking to AIR.

    When I try to run it I am getting the following error in ServiceCapture … Unknown object type tag (17)

    Through googling I have found that I need to set objectEncoding to 0, my question is how do I do this?

  • Renaun Erickson

    objectEncoding is on the NetConnection class. Are you sure thats the issue?