Video Conference with Flex & FMS

Posted on November 8, 2006 | 4 comments

Learn how to use Flex 2 and FMS 2 by creating a basic video conference application

Video over the Internet and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are the latest craze. With Flex 2 and Flash Media Server 2 (FMS), developers can easily create interactive media Web applications. In this article you’ll create a basic video conference application that will give you the foundation to take you to the next step.

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Its a great article, but I am biased.

  • William from Lagos

    And why are you biased?

  • Renaun Erickson

    because I wrote the article, so I think its pretty good.

  • Israel Gaytan

    Hello Renaun!

    Your tutorials are very nice, by the way how can i implement data messaging, i mean i want from SSAS call on the client a function , i know its with asyncronous messages, but i am missing something..



    //FLEX APP
    public function flexfunction():void{


    is it possible?, am i missing something?

    Thanks in advance

  • Matti Kiviharju
    I started project Above…

    Thanks about great source code..