Posting from Playstation 3 on Yellow Dog Linux 5.0

Posted on December 27, 2006 | 8 comments

To bad there is not a Flash Player 9 for Linux PowerPC distros or I would be coding Flex right now. So I am writing this post on my Playstation 3 using Yellow Dog linux 5.0 (the free version was just released today) as the “Other OS” on the box. The installation process was not that terrible hard. I was not able to install the Flash Player 7 or 9, and am not sure there is any Linux PowerPC Flash Players out there, any one know?

I am running off the wired network port, it would be cool if I could find the driver for the wireless card in the Playstation 3 itself. Other quirks is the whole HDMI to DVI only capable of connecting to HDCP ready devices. I am currently doing a 720p out through component into a VGA box converter into my monitor. Its not bad but nothing like true 1080p would be. Been sick for the last couple of days, what a time to get the flu bug, so I haven’t had all the time I wanted to get messing around with the Playstation 3. Maybe you’ll hear more on it later from me for now I am off to play some games.

  • Josh

    You might be able to try the open source Gnash player.

  • Renaun Erickson

    I did look at the Gnash player. It is quite limited, no FLV support and no full AMF support. Doesn’t help with the Flex stuff either as its Flash Player 7 specs as of yet.

    On the flip side I tried just using mxmlc with a Java PPC64 JRE, but had no success. It was fun trying anyways.

  • JohnP

    Does the BETA from this page not work for the version of Linux you are using?
    “This release includes bug fixes and support for additional operating systems—specifically Linux.”

  • Renaun Erickson

    This is the one that I tried. It does not work as its compiled for i386 architecture. There is a PowerPC Mac OS version of the Flash Player, but it does not work with Linux PowerPC. At least I am not aware of how to make it work.

  • Troy Vitullo

    In the interest of full disclosure let me say first I work for Terra Soft.

    There’s a link off the Terra Soft web site that details our efforts to get
    Adobe to port Flash to the PowerPC. Here’s the link:


    Troy Vitullo

  • Renaun Erickson

    Thanks for the info.

  • Steve

    There was an organised campaign to request a Linux PowerPC Flash Player from Adobe. Been trying to search for any success but have not found a response or install from the company.
    Did Adobe ignore these requests? Shame

  • thomas

    You can play FLV movies with ffplay (and any other movie format)
    even broken videos

    ffplay is part of ffmpeg

    if you dont have it, try :
    “yum install ffmpeg”