Flash Debug Player and ExternalInterface

Posted on January 9, 2007 | 5 comments

I have a very basic Flex application loading a Flash 8 SWF that communicate to each other through ExternalInterface. I run the application through Flex Builder 2.0.1, when I run it normally the code works. But when I run it in debug mode so the Flex application is running in the debug player the ExternalInterface does not work any more.

Anyone else run across this problem? is it a known issue/bug?

  • http://www.weblycan.com/blog/ Marcus

    Yep, me too. I don’t think the External Interface failed totally in our case, but it was certainly dodgy. I ended up relying on ‘FlashTracer’ in Firefox with a lot of trace statements in there ( no debug player ). Sorry I can’t be more help.
    Along similar lines you might want to watch out for this one.


  • http://www.renaun.com Renaun Erickson

    just half way confirming the problem helps, thx

  • http://www.grahamyork.com Graham York

    Hi – I’ve found this too – using Flex and Flash Debug Player 9. Calls into ExternalInterface via Javascript just aren’t running, and it happens using the Command-line Debugger, or using the Debugger in Flex. No answer to this as yet tho – sorry

  • chris

    Was a solution ever found for this?

  • http://www.threadmachine.com Terry Beard

    I ran into a similar issue where the Flash Debug player would not report any errors. After spending a day and a half, I have reinstalled version 9.0.124 and that seems to correct the problem albeit, the security risks.