I have joined Jaxtr

Posted on February 22, 2007 | 2 comments

I have placed a Jaxtr button on the side of my blog. I like the idea of having a way for people to contact me with out giving out my phone and worrying about it being spammed (yes spam phone calls are on the rise).

If anybody else has a Jaxtr account and wants to try it out please let me know, or better yet give it a try and call me. As I understand a worst I’ll be able to go hear the voice mail, and if you are on my friends list it will connect directly to my phone. Even international calls work. Its a bit like paying for Skype In minutes, but I haven’t used that much either can be for sure.

You can read more about Jaxtr at http://jaxtr.com.

Well, now any one off the web can give it a try and give me a call. We’ll see how this Jaxtr stuff works out.

  • http://www.jaxtr.com/jaxtrtin Konstantin Guericke

    It’s a bit like Skype In, but different. with Skype In, the caller still has to pay international charges–with jaxtr, they don’t. Also, with Skype In, you can’t call people on their mobile–you have to buy Skype Out, at the minimum. And I don’t think with Skype you can have both parties talking on their mobile?

  • http://www.renaun.com Renaun Erickson

    Thanks for the explanation