LiveCycle Data Services and Apollo

Posted on March 21, 2007 | 2 comments

When I read the release notes about Flex Data Services new release on labs, as well as the name change to LiveCycle Data Services, I was interested in learning more about the Apollo integration. Steven Webster‘s website seems to have a good overview, an in particular the paragraph below explains a use case for LCDS and Apollo:

One of the exciting features about Apollo, is the ability to work completely offline with web-delivered applications – LiveCycle Data Services is poised to play a key role in that use-case for your offline yet data-oriented RIA. Flex applications using LCDS will receive improved support for local queuing of outbound messages when the client is disconnected, with management of these messages when server reconnect occurs. A local data cache further supports future Apollo application support, enabling you to cache client data requests and data changes on the local file system, for later retrieval when the application resumes. It’s exciting to see all these different pieces of the framework coming together to offer elegant architectures for the delivery of Rich Internet Applications in either an occasionally connected desktop or browser-based deployment model.

  • Mike Potter

    Its actually LiveCycle, not Life Cycle.


  • Renaun Erickson


    Oooppps. Thanks for pointing that out.