RemoteObjectAMF0 Update

Posted on March 12, 2007 | 1 comment

The RemoteObjectAMF0 under went a few updates.

  • Updated code with better comments for ASDoc’s and readability
  • Added SetCredentials
  • Added Fault handler for NetStatus errors
  • Added 1st round implementation for “method” definitions.
    • Allowing you to define result/fault event handlers per method.
    • This is done with a <renaun:methods/> tag and a <renaun:method/> component.

Example of using the <renaun:methods/> tag:

        fault=" event.message.toString() )" >
                result="changeContactList( event )"
                makeObjectsBindable="true" />
                result=" event.result.toString() )"
                makeObjectsBindable="true" />  

You can find the full source to this example in the 360Flex presentation source located at:

The updated RemoteObjectAMF0 code can be found at –

NOTE: The zip download now includes a swc compiled for Flex 3 which was giving a warning about a override method error.