Adobe MAX Blog using Countdown widget

Posted on April 5, 2007 | 1 comment

Check it out on the Adobe MAX 2007 blog. Over on the right hand side half way down you’ll see some countdown widgets. If you rollover the “Get more widgets” text you’ll see its pointing to the website.

This is cool to see the a use of more and more Flash/Flex widgets and applications on Adobe sponsored sites. It is also nice to see/hear more and more from Adobe about internal and external applications that Adobe will be producing using Flex.

  • Jeremy Suriel

    Hey, thanks for the support! Adobe has been great in supporting us and showcasing our products…most recently our apollo desktop client ( )

    don’t forget to put some yourminis widget bling on your blog. also, check out our latest public release of the yourminis API when you get a chance The yourminis API allows you to wrap your flash widgets in our container and deploy anywhere, including the desktop (with the power of Apollo). Once you publish your widget into our community, you instantly can take advantage of the distribution of our online widget gallery ( ), and the monitoring/reporting capabilities using built-in, real-time analytics!

    thanks again for the great support!