Apple TV and YouTube

Posted on May 31, 2007 | 5 comments

I just noticed the blurb on abot Apple TV and being able to view YouTube videos. It says it wont be out til June (coming soon i guess), but it has me thinking. It has me thinking of Adobe Media Player (as known as Philo) or AMP and the future. Adobe Media Player is an Apollo application with many great features for consumers as wells a content providers.

It would be cool to see Apollo runtime make it on to more hardware appliances like Apple TV and see the AMP be the standard way for devlierving the content. Just like what iTunes did for podcasts I see AMP having a big potential to doing the same for Video RSS aggregration. In that light a partnership between Adobe and Apple would be cool. I guess only the future will tell. Either way if we see FLV’s being played on Apple TV and the iPhone maybe really getting a Flash Player 9 on it then we might just be progressing nicely.

So video conversion is at the heart of it:

  • Savvas Malamas

    Unfortunately AppleTV is not going to use FP or anything Adobe related.YouTube is going to convert their videos in H264..I wonder “why”?

  • Stefan Richter

    yeah that would indeed be great (FLVs on Apple TV) but the ‘problem’ for Adobe is that these videos are not Flash video, they are all being transcoded using H.264 to play on the ATV… Time for Flash to add another codec to the mix – dare I suggest H.264 would be a great choice?

  • Renaun Erickson

    Yes it was wishful thinking. I still think AMP will be a nice choice to start integrating a broader solution to convenient one stop Video watching.

    Bandwidth and storage are the biggest issues with higher quality videos. But as that is getting much closer to critical mass, I have faith Flash Player will expand to a high quality codec (maybe pushed by the Apollo Platform as well).

  • Abdul Qabiz

    Technically, Apple TV is Mac OSX 10.4.x so it can run anything. Unfortunately, it’s very closed platform, however, some people have made it work for them without opening the box.

    Apple really needs to allow developers to extend it. I would love to put Apollo client for Mixercast, run Joost, AMP etc.

    Thanks for the link man, I just bought Apple TV so playing with it.


  • greg h

    More details here, including quotes from :Apple VP of Worldwide Mac Hardware Marketing