Flex Ad’s with Bruce Eckel

Posted on May 5, 2007 | 1 comment

This is probably old news but I figured I would bring it up again as I found it interesting. I can across a Flex ad on http://eclipsezone.com. The ad has a picture of Bruce Eckel, author of “Thinking in Java”, along with quotes in regards to his book and thinking in Flex. Something to that affect. This ad compared to some of the early ad’s where Flex 2 did a little comparing with other technologies seems a much better approach. The Flex 2 comparison with AJAX ad’s had to many issues to help people want to embrace Flex 2. But the ad with Bruce Eckel and his quotes about Flex are a nice developer to developer approach. It gives Flex alot more branding and trust then the first ads.

On a side note, it would be pretty cool to have a list of the Flex ads that go out to see/help with the campaigns. Any one know if there is a list?

  • http://www.zeuslabs.us/ Josh

    Ugh, I remember those old ads for Flex 2. This one with Bruce Eckel is definitely a step up.