Flex and Flex Builder Codename History

Posted on August 15, 2007 | 5 comments

This is history according to Ted Patrick and shared at the keynote at 360Flex in Seattle.


2000 to 2007

2000 – Developer Paradigm for SWF (Lego, Mindstorms)
2001 – SVG/XML to SWF (lliad Odyssey)
2002 – “Royale” begins (Flex 1.0)
2003 – Matt and Deepa join team
2004 – Flex 1.0 arrives (J2EE Server)
2004 – David and George Comninos join “Monk” – Flex Builder start
2004 – Flex 1.5 arrives (J2EE Server)
2005 – Flex 2.0 Alpha at MAX
2006 – Flex 2.0 arrives (SDK + Builder + Data Services)

(note the references to the team members of Matt, Deepa, David, and George i think was because they were at the conference. There are many other great devs that have been part of Flex for quite a while.)

  • Carlos

    I thought Zaphod was the code name for Flash Player 9… as in a player supports two AVM’s.

  • http://www.renaun.com Renaun Erickson

    Probably so, Ted was liberal to include codenames that where related to Flex’s history. And he did mention the FP9 and the new VM’s.

  • nig

    Go Team Lego!

  • Jamie Badman

    Weird how Firefly never gets a mention – it was a definite precursor within Flash to what we do in Flex now.

    So why’s it been ignored I wonder?!


  • http://www.carlosrovira.com/blog Carlos Rovira

    Yeah! I arrived to Flex when the name was royale.
    I always like that name… : )