A Zend Framework Powered Flex Picture Book (ZendCon 2007 session)

Posted on October 9, 2007 | 1 comment

Ok that was a long title. But I just got done with presenting at ZendCon 2007 in San Francisco and feel like a long title. The session was geared to take Cal Evan’s, “Flex and PHP: Party in the Front, Business in the Back”, a do some Flex enhancements on the Front end side.

What came out of the session was a Flex RSS Picture Book. Using Ely Greenfield’s FlexBook component, the picture book displays images from the keyword’s of the articles description text.

Here is the live example of the Flex RSS Picture Book, remember to click on the image to see the Article’s title and description.

You can find the Flex RSS Picture Book source here, this source includes just the MXML and a slightly modified FlexBook source to handle crossdomain security. You’ll need to get the PHP source from Cal Evan’s original article.