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Posted on October 2, 2007 | 1 comment

So this is my first MAX as an Adobe employee. I still feel a strong connection with the community. But with my team, Adobe Voice, being part of the sessions today I am definitely getting a different perspective of the conference.

The Flex and PHP hands on sessions are going fairly well. But I believe they where geared a little to much towards the beginners so I am changing as I go. That makes for a fun presentation each time, hehe.

Of course I am up early and in bed late, which I am feeling it today. The Birds of the Feather sessions were great, like always, last night. First, I was in the Papervision 3d session. Thanks to Ben Stucki, who wasn’t at the conference, I got to see the AIR bus come out of the screen right at me (3d glasses, papervision, and picture sphere). Also I can’t leave out John Grden for hosting the BoF and Doug for bring the glasses for Ben. The Flex BoF had a very large attendance, last years was much more informal which was better. Either way, props to the Flex team and its good to see them get bigger and bigger. They are hiring and have plans to grow the size of the team.

The last BoF was Custom Component development with a panel of many of the communities greats. It was a good discussion and full of many fun comments.

So far so good, go MAX.

  • Richard

    Hey Renaun,

    I’m glad to hear that MAX is going well. I wish I could have been there this year, especially for your PHP session, but things didn’t work out that way this time. I will make a serious effort to make it out next time.