ITunesMetadataReader using Metaphile

Posted on February 26, 2008 | 1 comment

The ITunesMetadataReader application is a very basic AIR example of how to use the new Metaphile project to read out MOV (H.264) file metadata. The source of the project is included in the AIR application, to access it right-click on the application and click view source.

The Metaphile project is on google code and now includes an implemented MOVReader as well as an ITunesData class. It might not be the best name for it, but right now the class only reads out some of the metadata defined to by Apple’s ITunes application.

The application was shown in the session I gave at 360Flex Atlanta. There other part of the session I showed how to play H.264 files in Flex and see all Metadata that the Flash Player reads in. You can see the live demo and source for the Flex app at:

UPDATE: More general Flash Video info was also presented by David Hassoun at 360Flex Atlanta – check it out here (Titled: Latest Tips and Tricks With Flash Video in Flex)

  • Evan Mullins

    Thanks Renaun, I will definitely be using this app and the techniques you talked about. Thanks for coming to Atlanta, awesome presentation as well!