PS3 2.53 firmware update gives us fullscreen FP9 support

Posted on December 2, 2008 | 3 comments

So the updated is finally here. The fullscreen on is working, but its a little choppy on the FPS. The fullscreen doesn’t fill up my 1080p screen like watching fullscreen hulu on my PC. YouTube’s fullscreen that was in a page was interesting. It worked but the quality was lacking.

Other cool feature support was my friend says he was watching hulu movies on his PSP with remote play.

Either way this is good progress for the Flash Platform. And remember to go get 2.53 right now….

  • Tom Ortega

    Shoot, forget hulu! It’s all about Tom’s Tic-Tac-Toe! Thanks again for the heads up. Did Adobe proper make ANY noise about this?

  • Renaun Erickson


    Of course how could i have compared hulu to your Tic-Tac-Toe game. Please forgive me,


  • Tom Ortega

    Forgiven. :)