PS3 Flash Player Version

Posted on December 1, 2008 | 3 comments

I was reading about some updates for the PS3 and notice mention about full screen flash. I was thinking that wasn’t possible unless they had Flash Player 9, previously the PS3 only had Flash Player 7. The details on the web are all fuzzy and I couldn’t tell what it really meant. But either way I power up the PS3 and in the browser went to:

On that page it shows that the Flash Player version for my PS3 with firmware 2.52 has Flash Player That is news to me, and I thought would be big news to alot of people. Well go try it out and let me know if I am not going crazy.

Note I tried and was able to play videos but clicking on the fullscreen button it didn’t quite work. It didn’t go into full screen mode but it did get rid of the menu buttons and became smaller in its original place, which was a little weird.

I guess PS3 firmware 2.53 is due out anytime now (it was leak that it was going to be release on Thanksgiving Day). The 2.53 release is suppose to fix the Flash Player fullscreen issue, I guess we’ll see. Either way with Flash Player 9 you should be able to run Flex applications on the PS3 now.