PHP Script for Stratus Video Phone Sample Application

Posted on April 7, 2009 | 2 comments

Stratus is an Adobe technology up on labs that allows for Flash Player 10 and AIR 1.5 RTMFP real time communication connections. The most important features of RTMFP include low latency, end-to-end peering capability, security and scalability.

As part of the labs release there are an article and sample application.

Article 1
Stratus Sample Application

The Stratus Sample Application source files come with a cgi script for registering user’s identities (the NetConnection.nearId used for RTMFP net stream connections).

What this post is all about is a port of that cgi script to PHP. I was playing with the Stratus application on my own server and used PHP so I figured I would put the file out for others to use.

The file is renamed to a text file reg.txt but just download it and rename to reg.php to use.

  • jurgen

    Hi! I want to play with stratus but i’m stoped by a security error. I resolve to play in php the reg.php file but does the same error.

    crossdomain.xml are:

    In VideoPhoneLabs:

    [Bindable] private var connectUrl:String = “rtmfp://”;

    // developer key, please insert your developer key here
    private const DeveloperKey:String = “i inserted here my stratus developed key”;

    // please insert your webservice URL here for exchanging
    private const WebServiceUrl:String = “rtmfp://”;

    I read the server’s firewall log and the UDP rules outcoming/incoming is blocking by SSDP and RPC request.

    Can u help me?. Can I test it in localhost (Apache Server)?.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Michael

    Do you think you may be able to come up with a coldfusion version? Thank you very much.