Now Available BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK/Simulator

Posted on October 24, 2010 | 1 comment

BlackBerry has made their Tablet OS SDK and Simulator available as of today. You can go get the beta bits at – To get started you will want to check out the getting started guide and other documentation. You can find this information on BlackBerry developer for Adobe AIR applications documentation area.

PlayBook Development Mode Image

One tidbit from the documentation is that you can use the same components that BlackBerry Tablet OS uses in your AIR application. You of course can also create your own AIR apps using ActionScript and the Flex SDK (preferably the latest Flex Hero SDK preview release).

If you are at MAX and want to learn more make sure to check out these sessions:

Developing AIR apps for the BlackBerry Tablet OS
Julian Dolce,
Mon 10/25, 2pm, Room 510
Wed 10/27, 3:30pm, Room 506

How to Monetize your apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook
Mike Kirkup,
Tues 10/26, 1:30pm, Room 511B

The Power of BlackBerry® WebWorks
Prosanta Bhattacherjee,

Nuggets that I have came across so far:
You need to get AIR 2.5 SDK separately from BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK-
If you are on Mac make sure you read how to change default JVM to Java 1.6
Known Issues

  • Mat Levy

    Its great to see the Adobe AIR platform integrated more natively into a hardware. The keynote demonstration showing the multitasking with Adobe AIR gave a good demonstration of what we are all aiming for with AIR applications. It’ll be interesting to get this downloaded and get a demonstration application going.