Using the PlayBook QNX TextInput KeyboardType and ReturnKeyType

Posted on January 19, 2011 | 13 comments

The PlayBook has a few different Keyboard types depending on what type of input the user is asked to provide. The BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR allows the developer to assign what type of keyboard should be shown for a specific input box.

For the video and images below I used an example project called KeyboardTypes, all the source for this and other projects is located at here.

First lets take a look at a picture containing all the current (as of 2011.01.19) keyboard types together.

Different PlayBook KeyboardTypes

To see how this all works on the Simulator both in landscape and portrait modes check out the video below:

Using the PlayBook QNX TextInput KeyboardType and ReturnKeyType from Renaun Erickson on Vimeo.


    The example KeyboardTypes is absent at{21/01/2011}
    Can you take the necessary,
    Thank you.

    • Renaun Erickson

      If you do git clone its there. There seems to be an issue with the github commit tree showing up. I updated a modified file and it seems to show up now.


    Thank you.

  • Austin

    Hi Renaun-
    I’ve tried to implement this project as a Flex Mobile project. When I save, I get “Cannot resolve attribute ‘keyboardType’ for component type qnx.ui.yext.TextInput.” I used Package Explorer to look at the TextInput class and don’t see the keyboardType property. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Austin

    • Renaun Erickson

      Flex mobile projects don’t inclue the blackberry libraries by default. Go to Project -> Propertes -> Flex Mobile Build Packaging -> BlackBerry Tablet OS and then check the checkbox to include the blackberry libraries.

      • Tylor

        Hey, I’m using flash builder burrito and the problem still exist. It says “Definition.qnx.ui.text:KeyboardType could not be found”. I’ve checked the action script build package and the blackberry tablet is checked. Anyway else to solve this problem?

        • Renaun Erickson

          Check out your Flash Builder -> Preferences -> Flash Builder -> Target Platforms -> BlackBerry Tablet OS and make sure the SDK Path points to 0.9.2 SDK.

          • Austin

            Thanks, this fixed it.

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  • Nitin

    I got the following error :

    Cannot resolve attribute ‘keyboardType’ for component type spark.components.TextInput.

    Something to do my namespace :

    • Renaun Erickson

      The keyboardType is a property on the QNX qnx.ui.text.TextInput class which is different then the spark.components.TextInput

  • Will

    Can I customized keyboard for other language input?and how?
    Thank you.

    • Renaun Erickson

      I do not know of a way to do it at this time.

  • Donnrri

    Renaun this is great, thanks for making these examples available they are so useful to less expert developers