Using MacBook Pro for AIR/Flash P2P local multicast demos

Posted on March 22, 2011 | 2 comments

I show a lot of demos on mobile devices. One of the best ways I have been able to demo applications at conferences with out having great wifi or device overhead projectors is to use a local network from my MacBook Pro. I use this for my P2P local multicast demos like PickQuick as well as other laptop to mobile interactions.

Here are the steps I use to make this work:

  • Unplug laptop from any wired networks.
  • Open up System Preferences -> Sharing and select Internet Sharing
  • Select “FireWire” in the “Share your connection from:” combo box
  • Check the “AirPort” checkbox in the “To computers using:” list.
  • Click on AirPort Options…
  • Configure the “Network Name” (basically the SSID) and WEP settings, this is the important step for using non-Apple devices with this setup. See the image below:

    AirPort Options Notice Fine Print for non-Apple devices

  • I use the 40-bit WEP key and a 5 character password to allow for non-Apple devices as mentioned in the fine print.
  • Click OK in the AirPort Options dialog
  • Now check the “Internet Sharing” checkbox on the left to turn on Internet Sharing
  • Verify you have a shared wireless network by looking at the AirPort icon and checking out your IP with terminal and ifconfig.

    Internet Sharing over AirPort

Thats it, now when you connect your devices use the AirPort Option’s Network Name and 5 character password you setup above. This setup works great for P2P local multicast demos like PickQuick, and if you want to try it out go grab PickQuick’s source here.