Designing and Skinning Mobile Applications Link Roundup

Posted on June 8, 2011 | 3 comments

I gave a session to the Adobe community as part of the Tech Wednesdays series. The topic was on “Designing and Skinning Mobile Applications”, which by it self is a huge topic. I wanted to post a bunch of links I used or I think are good for more detail while designing mobile applications. This list is not meant to be comprehensive or complete but just a snapshot of stuff I talked about.

Mobile App Development section on ADC
Design tips for creating mobile RIAs
Designing Great Mobile Icons
Flex Skinning Links:
Mobile UI Components Platform Tweaks
Contextual Applications

  • Antonos
  • Timetobethebest

    Renaun, thanks for posting the QTswapper application. It has been very helpful. Is there a way I can get the source code from you. The command line is not working.

    • Anonymous

      The source is not available for the latest version. What is the bug? what OS are you running it on?