Hackathons Are Becoming Quite Popular

Posted on September 15, 2011 | 1 comment

I have seen an increase of mobile hackathons, hack days, and/or startup weekends in the last year. Typically the format runs over 1-3 day timeframe, where teams come together and code up a storm. Typically prizes are decent, people are friendly, and its a great way to learn new things. I would definitely recommend it to students are others looking to network or learn some new skills.

There are a couple that I wanted to point out since I am out west in Nevada and know the guys down in LA.

This weekend:

MobileHackDays LA – http://losangeles.mobilehackdays.com/

Adobe is one of many sponsors for this event in LA running Sept 16-18th. I also know a team of Flash Platform developers that are attending as a team, “Team Adobe”. Check out the guys from Almer|Blank that are sure to rock the event.

Michael, Hasan, Omar, Nolan, Tim

ReCommerce Hack Day – http://recommerceday.com/

Supported by the guys at Zappos.com. I will be checking this one out since its local.

Other Thoughts

There are others like this one in Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas Startup Weekend. And a great website for both putting on a hackathon or getting info about other hackathons is http://hackatopia.com/. If you know of other mobile hack days or hackathon let me know below, I think its a great place for the community to get involved and learn a bunch.

Most of these you do not have to have a team to attend. They also usually encourage business, design, and developers to attend. Which makes for a great networking event as well.

If you do end up going to some of these events and build applications with Adobe products or the Flash Platform definitely let me know about it. Thanks, have fun hacking…