Epic Games Unreal Engine in the Browser Try For Yourself

Posted on March 7, 2012 | 3 comments

You can now try out the Epic Games Unreal engine running in the browser for yourself. All you need is the Flash Player 11.2 RC installed and then go to the http://unrealengine.com/flash/ website.

Here is a screenshot of it running in Chrome on my MacBook Pro:

Mark Rein form Epic Games talks about the latest Unreal demo at GDC.

At the Adobe GDC booth you can also see us show off Dungeon Defenders by Trendy which also uses the Unreal engine.
Look at what I playing at GDC in the Adobe booth on Twitpic

What does all this mean? Check out http://gaming.adobe.com for some more ideas of how AIR and Flash enable game developers to create great content.

  • http://twitter.com/amadurell Alexandre Madurell

    Awesome performance! I’ve just installed Mozilla Waterfox and the x64 Flash Player 11.2 release candidate to give it a try. Mindblowing!

  • https://android-app-development.com/ Android application Developer

    Wow! I tried its really great.

  • http://www.extrovert.de/Accessoires/Geldboersen Geldbörsen

    Just tested this – really cool. Thanks a lot for this.