QTIndexSwapper 2.3.1 update Command Line Invocation

Posted on November 15, 2010 | 5 comments

I have updated the QTIndexSwapper2 AIR applicaiton, used for swapping h264 MOOV atoms around. In the latest update I added the ability to call the QTIndexSwapper2 AIR application from the command line. This feature requires two command line arguments. The first argument is used as the folder path to files you want processed. The 2nd argument is used to define the folder where you want the processed files to be outputted to. Invoking on the command line will launch the application, auto load the files, and start the processing. Once finished with the processing of the files the QTIndexSwapper2 AIR application will exit.

Limitations are right now no error messages are shown any where, so if its not running like you think it should run it manually.

Example Usages:

c:\Program Files\QTIndexSwapper2.exe /Users/renaun/test/ /Users/renaun/outputtest/

/bin/QTIndexSwapper2 /Users/renaun/test/ /Users/renaun/outputtest/

(Mac OS)
/Applications/QTIndexSwapper2.app/Contents/MacOS/QTIndexSwapper2 /Users/renaun/test/ /Users/renaun/outputtest/

  • http://kernelpaniker.blogspot.com/ Taylor

    For some reason, when I click on process, the application just closes. I did not have this problem with the previous version.

    Is there any way for me to troubleshoot this?

    Or, do you have a link to the previous version?

    • http://www.renaun.com Renaun Erickson

      An injected bug with the command line invocation. There is a v2.3.1 with the bug fix now available.

  • mirswith

    I am new to air but how do I get the exe for this? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Install QTIndexSwapper will prompt you to install AIR (on windows you might admin privileges). If you want to download the latest AIR runtime manually go to http://get.adobe.com/air/

  • Adam Brown

    Just noticed that, if there are N files in the input folder, then QT will process N – 1 files in alphabetical order. Work around, include a dummy file called zzzzzzzzzz.mp4 in the input folder, that way, the file that doesn’t get processed isn’t one that you need. Good work with this app renaun.