PickQuick – Game that works across multi screens, AIR for TV, Desktop, Android, iOS, and PlayBook.

QTIndexSwapper – Moves h264 MOOV atoms to the front of the video files for progressive playback.


AdvancedForm – The Advanced Form component provides Reset, Undo and Redo functionality. (v1.2 2006.11.14)


RepeatingImage – The RepeatingImage component allows for ease deployment of repeating images. (v1.0 2006.11.21)

Utils is the latest code/thoughts on this subject. RIALogger and RIALoggerAppThe RIALogger extends the Log class. It provides a simple approach to logging with multiple targets and having the ability to change settings at runtime. RIALoggerApp is an AIR application used in connection to the RIALogger (2008.07.23 updated)

RemoteObjectAMF0RemoteObjectAMF0 components provides functionality to connect Flex 2 applications with AMF0 remoting servers. (2006.05.13)

Flash Media Server

ConnectionMonitor – The Flex 2 / Flash Media Server 2 Connection Monitor component provides real time stats on a FMS connection. The detailed stats include latency, up bandwidth, and down bandwidth. (2006.08.22)